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We work with young people through creative engagement encouraging them to value themselves by taking an active role in their learning and education. We support them with building achievable aspirational pathways for their futures.


Gorse Hill Studios (GHSCC) is an ambitious and creative youth arts charity, who believe that all young people must have; social, emotional, and educational investment in their future.

Our Values

We promote young people choosing to take part and utilising their view of the world. We treat young people with respect. We seek to develop young people’s skills and attitudes rather than remedy ‘problem behaviours’. We believe in helping young people develop stronger relationships and collective identities. We advocate for respecting and valuing differences and promoting the voice of young people.

Image by Kelli Tungay


We deliver services from a thriving youth arts centre based in the North of Trafford as well as outreach settings with specific contracts with key Local Authorities, Schools and Commissioning Groups, as well as working in partnership with several youth organisations. The charity provides free/low cost, high quality, accessible and responsive services to young people between the ages of 8 and 25 who present with a wide range of issues, from mental health to exclusion from education.


GHS provides a mixture of arts, music and youth services to over 200 young people each week. The charity also has particular experience and a reputation for expertise in working with young people with additional needs and those struggling with mainstream education, incorporating arts and creativity which generate a wealth of positive impacts.

To achieve its overall aims, the charity encourages and supports young people to develop their voice in the organisation, and commits to offering a range of interventions and activities, providing a bespoke menu of support and choice that responds to needs which are not met elsewhere.


Accreditation options are combined with opportunities for young people to learn, develop new skills, be creative, have fun and demonstrate to themselves and others that they have the skills, tools and social capital to be resilient and reach their full potential.

Since 2015 we have grown a small, informal youth arts company into a confident, ambitious, established and developing youth arts charity. We have worked hard to be become a valued member of the voluntary sector and continue to improve our artistic vision and services for young people.

Gorse Hill Studios has been successful at using our specialisms in the arts coupled with youth work methodologies to raise the aspirations of some of the hardest to reach and most disaffected young people in the borough. We have vast experience of delivering hard hitting issued based awareness projects such as knife crime, abusive relationships, gang violence and missing from home.


Our team is made up of highly skilled, nationally qualified youth workers and arts industry professionals and is complimented by our dedicated passionate team of youth and adult volunteers. 

GHSCC understand the clear need for a flexible and creative management of the centre and flexibility in how its resources are utilised, to this end we will ensure that the centre acts as:


  • Provider of bespoke alternative creative education, recognised creative accreditations and mentoring opportunities

  • Develop career aspirations and pathways by providing internship experience in creative industries

  • A multi-arts provider with youth work services that aid young people’s personal and social development

  • A specialist provider in delivering support to young people with learning disabilities

  • A social action programme, supporting young people to use their voice for social change

  • An affordable and desirable creative space and resource for the local community

  • A partner to deliver creative projects to the community

We are deliverer of innovative youth work services, a quality provision built on a robust infrastructure, based on the following principles; building consistent and persistent, and trusted relationships with young people, that supports progression, nurturing creativity , develops their voice, so that they achieve with resilience so they are ready to face the world as an adult.


A facilitator developing partnerships to ensure the centre becomes an accessible and inclusive venue that is a valuable asset for the local community.


An Enabler in all our partnerships, focusing on sustaining engagement that leads to true participation, creating the next generation of leaders, youth workers, emerging artists, mentors, and educators.


Young Person

Enjoyed this a lot, she’s learnt so much. Gained confidence in so many areas, like cooking, arts, cultures. Really enjoyed ourselves. Thanks you so much for everything. 


I thought the staff who delivered the culture club were very supportive, motivating and great at building the children’s self esteem when they doubted themselves.

Head Teacher

The  ACE provision our young people have received is  outstanding with 1-1 bespoke packages to cater for their learning & emotional needs. ACE empowers in a safe space.

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