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Verse & Vibe: Chapter One

Where words heal and hearts speak. A poetry and lyric writing group beginning 31st May

  • 2 hours
  • Gorse Hill Studios

Service Description

Join us at Gorse Hill Studios on a journey of self-discovery through poetry, spoken word and lyric writing as we explore the depths of our emotions and nurture mental wellbeing together. Verse & Vibe began as a fundraiser for Gorse Hill Studios and was an evening of spoken word, poetry and musical performances. The evening felt like a comforting hug and was healing for all involved. After a successful event we are now launching “Verse & Vibe: Chapter One” This is a free 12-week project facilitated by industry professionals with opportunities to organise and perform at the next Verse & Vibe event at the end of the project. During these sessions there will be: • Talking circles: a non-judgemental safe space to talk about how you’re feeling and an opportunity to bring anything that is on your mind to the group. • Poetry writing workshops: exploring different creative techniques for writing poetry & spoken word. • Lyric writing workshops: exploring different creative techniques for writing lyrics and songs. • Opportunity to be involved in planning the next Verse & Vibe event: There will be opportunities to get involved in all aspects of the event- whether this be programme planning, bartending, stage design, promotional graphics, sound & lighting This project is part of a wider project with WEA and we will be prioritising people who are unemployed/are in part time work/are studying and who want to gain more skills to add to their CV’s but there are always opportunities for everyone to get involved so please still express your interest! Please email if you need any more information

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